XLT is setting new standards for excellence and performance in the conveyor industry. Over the years our unique approach to building and servicing ovens has radically changed the conveyor market. Our company is committed to building great product according to your specifications, exceeding your expectations, delivered on time at the appropriate cost, safely while improving employee morale. The brand has been known for providing exceptional customer service. We believe you will find that XLT excels at Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service and warranty, all of which are factors you’ll want to consider when purchasing that next piece of equipment.

We engineer our products to last you a lifetime and make it a point to keep our customer’s best interests in mind when crafting our products. As a company, we understand that our success ultimately is in the hands of you, our customer, and we realize when you are successful, so are we.

XLT ovens use fewer components than our competitors, and those of a higher quality. XLT ovens out-perform other ovens, in terms of total cost of ownership, performance, durability, and warranty. There are many models and configurations of XLT conveyor ovens and hoods available. There are options to customize the look, allowing you to place the oven anywhere in your store, and to enhance the customers’ experience.

Studies have proven that shrouds, which encompass the conveyors, are absolutely the best way to capture and contain heat from ovens (CKV ventilation design guides: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4). Since the XLT hood achieves full capture and containment at such low exhaust rates, it offers reduced operating expense, as well as a cooler, quieter, and cleaner kitchen. A productive and happy employee will perform to the standard more consistently. Increased employee efficiency and production means more products can be sold to customers.

Just integrating the fire suppression system can go a long way toward paying for the XLT oven and hood. When you add the fire suppression to the ovens and the hood purchase, your warranty will be extended from seven (7) to 10 years of worry free, lowest cost of ownership equipment that you will have in-house. Congratulations! You’ve decided to make the simple, smart decision to invest in the highest quality, most consistent baking conveyor oven in the industry. Who better to purchase your equipment from than XLT, the company that has the business owner in mind?

XLT understands that you may need special assistance. We are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with your investment, and your operation is up and operating on schedule. Our goal is to help solve problems and make sure you are servicing your customers in the manner they deserve. We understand that your oven is the heart of your business.

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Simple. Smart.