As times change, more and more businesses are implementing economically sustainable business practices into everyday routines. Although it may not be as expensive as labor costs or property rental fees, restaurants who fail to implement modern, sustainable energy efficiency practices may end up spending thousands of dollars in energy costs each month. At XLT, we recognize that the growing emphasis on restaurant energy efficiency isn’t just a trend. Not only do we want our customers using the most innovative commercial conveyor ovens in the food service industry, we want to pair that with the best performing – and best looking – exhaust hoods in class as well. Thus, the AVI Type I Hood System was introduced.

    The AVI Hood is technologically designed to work alongside your XLT Oven to efficiently capture, contain, and eliminate all heat and grease-laden vapors from your oven. XLT’s patented Shroud configuration assists with entrapping any excess heat from the conveyor entrance and exit, which then transports to the Main Canopy that collects and expels the effluents through the exhaust fan. With the AVI System, it is our goal to provide customers with the only logical, cost-effective, exhaust hood solution.

    Each AVI Hood that leaves our warehouse (combined with an XLT Oven) is protected by an industry-leading, factory backed product warranty. We also offer a number of personalization options to best fit your store footprint, including Factory Pre-Plumbed Fire Suppression, powder coat finishes, and a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that automatically adjusts exhaust fan speeds to effectively limit air flow and reduce energy consumption.

    Invest in your company’s long-term success. Redefine your kitchen with XLT.

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