XLT 3240 Oven

    For those operating a medium sized establishment such as pizzerias, sandwich stores, schools, and convenience stores the XLT 3240 oven is a highly capable and versatile piece of cooking equipment.


    The XLT 3240 has the ability to produce a high volume of product. Combine this with the ability to stack up to four ovens, you have a high powered cooking machine within an extremely efficient design.


    The newest model will offer an abundance of features that will add to the convenience of operation.  The 100% 300 series stainless steel construction will keep the oven looking sharp while adding a superior level of durability to the build.


    Simple touch screen controls combined with an industry best parts and service warranty make XLT ovens the smart choice for your cooking needs.



  • Dimensions

    Conveyor Width Bake Chamber Length Height Available Models
    32 Inches 40 inches 20 inches Natural Gas, Propane, High Performance

  • Weight

    755 pounds

  • Other Specifications

    Optical UV Flame Sensor
    Stainless Steel Fitted Gas Line
    All New Sealed Sandwich Window
    Extended Front Panels – Available in a variety of colors
    Redesigned Igniter
    Added shelf and drawer for manuals to the bottom control box. (1 per stack)

Simple. Smart.