XLT 3240 Oven
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    XLT 3240 Oven: Medium-sized kitchens will rejoice at the ease of the XLT 3240. A high-powered baking machine with a state-of-the-art design, this oven is tailor made for medium to high volume kitchen operators aiming for a consistent, quality bake at a fast pace.

    Conveyor Width Bake Chamber Length Height Available Models
    32 Inches 40 inches 20 inches Natural Gas, Propane
    755 pounds


    XLT strives to provide pragmatic, value-driven solutions to every kitchen. That’s why when it came to making our newest, most advanced oven ever released; we decided to hit the drawing board. Our answer is simple; streamline the manufacturing process in order to produce the most efficient equipment solution at the best price. On top of that, we’re so confident in the performance of an XLT Oven that we’ve decided to back it with the most thorough industry warranty to date. Here’s how:

    — We’ve upgraded our Electric Oven model design by reducing components, resulting in a simplified manufacturing process that allows us to evenly price our Gas and Electric models across the board.

    — As a result, we have made considerable improvements in labor costs and our speed of assembly, which allows us to divert our attention to improving individual oven components to better serve our customers. Some of these improvements include a more durable sandwich door design, as well as a renovation to our conveyor shaft and rails.

    — Ultimately, we realized that these improvements just weren’t enough. We stand firm in the belief that an XLT Oven speaks for itself. To prove that, we’ve decided to up the ante on our factory-backed product warranty, offering up to ten years of worry-free equipment coverage on parts and labor fees following your purchase. Your oven is the heart of your kitchen; think of it as our promise to keep it beating.

    The XLT G-Version Oven is designed to be the most simple, dynamic piece of equipment in your kitchen. Let our team of expert, food service equipment specialists assist you in making the most straightforward business decision you will ever make.

    Simple. Smart.