XLT 3870 Oven

    The XLT 3870 oven model is designed for large scale operations such as pizzerias with dine-in, delivery, and carry-out as well as restaurant chains with carry out operations.


    The XLT 3870 is a highly capable oven with a vast array of options such as split belt configurations and small or large sandwich doors.  These options add to the convenience of the cooking environment by offering a highly customizable range of cook times and settings.


    A 38 inch wide conveyor belt combined with a 70 inch long bake chamber makes the 3870 oven the perfect option for those with high volume requirements. Having the ability to stack up to four ovens will allow the XLT 3870 oven to produce just the right amount of product to meet your volume requirements.


    The 100% 300 series stainless steel construction will keep the oven looking sharp while adding a superior level of durability to the build.


    Simple touch screen controls combined with an industry best parts and service warranty make XLT the smart choice for your cooking needs.



  • Dimensions

    Conveyor Width Bake Chamber Length Height Available Models
    38 Inches 70 inches 20 inches Natural Gas, Propane, High Performance

  • Weight

    1279 pounds

  • Other Specifications

    Optical UV Flame Sensor
    Stainless Steel Fitted Gas Line
    All New Sealed Sandwich Window
    Extended Front Panels – Available in a variety of colors
    Redesigned Igniter
    Added shelf and drawer for manuals to the bottom control box. (1 per stack)

Simple. Smart.