Our Education Solution

An innovative product is nothing without the proper instruction to back it up. This conclusion is what led to the development of the XLT Training Program: A dedicated service to our customers and service providers that are passionate about getting the most out of their equipment. We here at XLT believe not only in providing you with the highest performing, most efficient equipment in the industry, but supplementing that with a comprehensive, in-house training program at no cost. Here’s what we will cover:

  • Get a full tour of the XLT Facilities and take a glimpse at our equipment manufacturing process. This gives you a great opportunity to interact with XLT personnel and observe how our award-winning conveyor ovens and exhaust hoods are constructed.
  • Familiarize yourself with the XLT Ovens Website and its many features. Discover quick and easy access points to XLT product specifications, warranty information, service provider networks and more. Familiarize yourself with XLT content to better integrate your business to ours.
  • Participate in hands-on XLT Oven and Hood demonstrations. Get an in-depth look at individual oven components and functions to better suit your kitchen for success. Gain insight on basic, intermediate and advanced oven/hood maintenance protocol to save time, increase your business’ bottom line and keep your equipment in peak performance.
  • We’ll also cover an extensive review of the Oven and Hood Theory of Operations, as well as Product Manuals, Start up check lists and additional documents that will assist you and your staff in proper XLT equipment operations.

If you’ve just purchased your brand new XLT food service equipment for the first time, are considering it, or simply need to fine tune your staff training, we can accommodate.

To enroll in the XLT Zero-Cost Training Program, give our expansive network of XLT equipment specialists a call at (316) 943-2751, or by E-mail at servicetraining@xltovens.com.