Is bake quality and consistency important to your business?

Do your customers crave that golden pizza crust?

XLT Conveyor Ovens produce the consistency and quality your customers expect even during peak periods. Our ovens ensure fast, consistent results so your food and speed of service can keep customers satisfied. These results are achieved with lower labor costs and less energy usage.

Managing a wide array of menu items has its challenges and don’t always guarantee safe and consistent results. Reducing the human error by automating with a conveyor system improves the consistency of your product. Once the settings are finalized, the conveyors do the work. Your product will be baked to meet and exceed your expectations each and every time.

Is reliable equipment important to your business?

Have you experienced critical break downs at peak hours and waited for days or weeks for service tech, parts factory or support?

Let’s face it; your customers rely on your business to serve them Monday afternoons, Friday nights and SuperBowl weekend. XLT’s Customer Service team is available 24/7 by phone, to diagnose problems, dispatch technical help and cover your costs for 7 to 10 years.
In fact, our latest models can self-diagnose so the problem can be resolved quickly.
Factory technicians are on call 24/7 and we actually answer our phones! Your store operators have direct access to the experts when they are needed the most. Any problem is quickly diagnosed and the right service dispatched to resolve whatever the problem may be, and quickly.

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How much are you spending on your equipment for maintenance repairs year after year?

Remember the last invoice for repairs you were not expecting?

XLT’s simple and smart approach to Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Service (QCDS) keeps our ovens and hood running, repair free, for thousands of hours. Simple and effective parts and components ensure minimal downtime. Our 7-year warranty covers all parts and labor associated with any necessary repairs. Take comfort knowing you won’t see any repair invoices for at least 7 years on our equipment.

After your warranty expires, we are still available to help diagnose issues, provide contacts for service providers in your area, and supply parts direct to you at a low cost.

Is productivity and capacity important to your business?

Does your kitchen need efficient and trouble free production to meet customer demands?

XLT’s growing selection of models can manage any level of volume menu item to grow with your business. All models can be single, double, triple, or quad stacked to meet needs. Each model size is available with split belts to accommodate menu variety. We can even calculate your production capacity based on your busiest hours and season. And our new radiant oven can replicate all grilled food with amazing consistency. Our models can scale up to enable growth and now our XLT Grill can expand the efficiencies of conveyor cooking to include Steaks, Seafood, Poultry, Vegetables as well as your pizza menu.

Is a low cost of ownership important to you?

How would you like to be in complete control of your operating costs year in and year out for your ovens and hood?

Once installed, XLT ovens carry a 7-year warranty for both parts and labor. When you add our XLT hood the warranty for both goes up to 10 years. That means your cost of ownership is ZERO for up to 10 years. In addition, both our ovens and hood contribute to significant energy reduction and highly productive staff. From the day of start-up, XLT has responsible related equipment repairs for a minimum of 7 years and up to 10 years when you add the hood. That is zero out-of-pocket expense for your business.

Are you interested in professional and affordable installations?

Are you concerned about the timing and disruption installations can cost your business?

XLT has over 500 trained installers and service techs to choose from. Your installations and start-ups will be managed quickly and with minimal disruption.
Our install network utilizes XLT’s uniquely designed, installation kit. The kit is safe, fast and cost-effective. Your preferred installer/servicer will minimize disruption to your business by using our upright, roll-in, flip, and set system. There will be no more damaged doors, counters, or tiles from installations gone wrong.

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Fire suppression systems affordable and clean?

Are you tired of over-paying for locally made fire suppression pipes which obstruct, food, cleaning and service?

XLT is the only conveyor oven manufacturer to design and offer ANSUL approved pre-pipe for fire suppression which meet and exceed code requirements. Our pre-pipe design is custom fitted to the ovens and hoods at a fraction of what the local market charges. Not only will you have certified pre-pipe FS, but you will be able to remove conveyors and the nozzles will not obstruct pans in the baking process.

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Energy efficiency?

Are you tired of utility costs eating into your bottom line profits?

XLT’s unique air management system minimizes end-loss keeping the heated air where it needs to be, in the baking chamber. When the XLT hood is added, with its patented variable frequency drive system, your heating and air-conditioning will cycle less frequently reducing energy costs.