How an XLT Hood Will Save You $$

Keeping your kitchens COOLER, CLEANER & QUIETER than your average exhaust system. Our custom built oven hood system was designed to increase the efficiency and safety of your conveyor XLT oven while solving many of the common issues found with large ovens. Temperature control within your kitchen will no longer be a problem allowing for happier staff and less air conditioning costs.

Invest in your company’s long-term success. Redefine your kitchen with XLT.

Are you constantly cleaning your ceiling tiles? The XLT Hood is technologically designed to work alongside your XLT Oven to efficiently capture, contain, and eliminate all heat and grease-laden vapors from your oven. XLT’s Shroud configuration assists with entrapping any excess heat and effluents that may come from the conveyor entrance and exit, which then transports to the Main Canopy that collects and expels the effluents through the exhaust fan.
Exhaust Fan
Tired of costly service calls to repair exhaust fan belts? The exhaust fan might be on but not properly working when belts are broken on the exhaust fan. XLT teamed up with a leading exhaust fan manufacture to provide you with a direct drive exhaust fan. This makes sure that when you turn on the hood you will know that the hood is working as designed, while eliminating the potential of service calls to replace belts on exhaust fans.
Are your kitchens outrageously hot? The XLT Hood is designed to completely capture and contain any effluents or heat coming from the ovens. The shroud system encapsulates the conveyors and are in place for this purpose. With this Hood System, it is our goal to provide customers with the only logical, cost-effective, exhaust hood solution.
Are your HVAC Costs through the roof? Although it may not be as expensive as labor costs or property rental fees, restaurants who fail to implement modern, sustainable energy efficiency practices may end up spending thousands of dollars in energy costs each month. At XLT, we recognize that the growing emphasis on restaurant energy efficiency isn’t just a trend. The combination of the encapsulating shrouds and Variable Frequency Drive will favorably impact your electric bills for many years to come.
Have you thought about how much money is being wasted during non-peak hours? XLT’s hood system allows for the increase or decrease of exhaust flow rates depending on how many ovens are running. If you turn ovens off then the flow rates will go down. The flow rates will ramp back up when you turn on additional oven decks during peak hours. The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) automatically adjusts exhaust fan speeds to effectively limit air flow and reduce energy consumption. This is how XLT provides the best ROI and lowest TOTAL cost of ownership.
HUI (Hood User Interface)
Are you tired of employees turning on cooking equipment without the exhaust hood? We understand that people accidentally turn on cooking equipment but forget the exhaust hood. XLT wanted to remove the possibility for a safety hazard with the relocation cords. The XLT Hood is designed so that the oven controller can adjust times and temperature as needed, but won’t allow for the power to be turned on or off at the oven, only the hood. This provides a safer working environment and peace of mind for owner.
Are you looking for an open kitchen concept? If you are planning on having customer facing equipment, XLT can supply painted shrouds to fit your restaurants atmosphere. Customize your shrouds to emphasize your brand and bring a pop of color to a stark kitchen!
All Thread
The XLT Hood is designed to be suspended from the ceiling allowing cleaning and maintenance of the oven to be a breeze. The shrouds of the hood can be easily removed and the ovens can roll out from the front of the hood.

Increase Your Warranty To 10 Years

When you purchase an XLT Hood along with your XLT Oven, we will increase your already impressive 7 year warranty to an industry leading 10 years! We are so confident that our hoods will improve the lifespan and efficiency of your oven that we can offer incredible warranties that will cover both parts and labor. To learn more about warranties and how you can benefit from them, please visit our equipment warranty page.