XLT SmartSolutions

XLT 3250-DS Conveyor Oven

Version H

  • Domestic 7 Year Warranty

  • 24/7/365 LIVE Global Tech Support

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Best Return On Investment

  • Higher Bake Quality

  • Higher Capacity

  • Higher Efficiency

  • Higher Reliability

The H Version DS line provides up to a two-minute faster baking time.

XLT understands that baking fast may not be for everyone.  However, if you have a need to bake faster to meet customer demand, the XLT Version H-DS oven is for you!  When compared to XLT’s award winning G Version ovens, the H-DS oven line can bake your product up to 2 minutes faster!  By engineering a more efficient bake chamber and using patented and patent-pending technologies, XLT has maximized heat in the bake chamber and reduced end-loss, keeping the hot air where it needs to be, in the bake chamber, cooking your food.  Delivering a quality baked product faster and safer, up to two minutes faster.

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With the improved design of XLT H-DS (Double Stack) Conveyor Oven, you can bake even faster.  It is proven to bake up to 2 minutes faster, while improving your quality of bake.  Also, since two H-DS ovens do the work of the three G Version conveyor ovens, the XLT Version H-DS oven will provide you with significant cost savings.

  • Improved Air Flow

  • Faster Bake Time

XLT Version H-DS conveyor ovens provide an overall better-quality bake.

Even though the Version H-DS oven can cook much faster than other awarding winning XLT ovens, the quality of bake is not sacrificed.

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In fact, Version H-DS has better internal temps allowing for better doneness and increased food safety.  In some cases, our customers have been able to cook different food products on the same belt that were previously at different belt speeds and temperatures with equal or better bake quality.

The XLT Version H-DS conveyor oven has a taller bake chamber. Increased bake chamber size allows better containment of heat which makes for a better-quality bake and higher internal temperatures.

  • Improved Bake Chamber Design

  • Improved Food Safety

  • Consistent Bake

XLT H-DS formula: 2 > 3

A double stack of XLT Version H-DS ovens meets or exceeds the cooking capacity of our award-winning triple stack of G Version ovens.  There is no sacrifice to bake.  There is no sacrifice to capacity.

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In fact, Version H-DS has better internal temps allowing for better doneness and increased food safety.  Not to mention, it can eliminate ‘pushing back’ product to finish the baking process.  The best part of this formula is that you only need to purchase two ovens, not three.  You get the capacity of three ovens at the price of two.  That equals savings directly to your bottom line.

  • Utility Cost Savings

  • Reduced End Loss

XLT Version H-DS conveyor oven continues the long XLT tradition of quality and reliability.

XLT knows that equipment downtime can be an operator’s worst nightmare.  That is why every XLT oven is engineered to the highest quality standards.  These standards have kept the uptime of in-field XLT ovens to over 99%.  We continually work with our vendors to help create better and longer lasting components.

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XLT always focuses on building reliable equipment with high-quality components for your safety and product longevity.  Small details that we pay attention to and our continuous design improvement prevent potential problems and hidden costs that you may face in the future.

The XLT H Version oven maintains all the same critical components as the XLT G Version ovens. The improved fan design has lowered the heat that the fan motor is exposed to.   We also have changed the location of the conveyor motor to reduce the heat it is exposed to. We have also worked closely with our gas valve manufacturer to develop a more robust valve that will further reduce the need for service and repair.

  • Improved Components

  • Redesigned Control Box

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership backed by XLT’s industry-leading warranty.

We know even the most reliable equipment can still experience issues.  That is why XLT offers the industry’s longest warranty, up to seven years, on our H-DS Version conveyor ovens.  We want you to concentrate on your business, not worrying about your equipment.  Should your warrantied equipment ever have an issue, one call to XLT’s 24/7/365 technical support line – 316-943-2751 – is all it takes to start the service process.  One of our factory-trained technicians will get you going on your first call or, in the event of a larger issue, dispatch a local service technician from our national service network to resolve your issue.  Servicing your equipment is quick and you never have any out of pocket expenses for any warranty work.  And remember, all your XLT equipment have lifetime phone and email support.

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The XLT’s H-DS Version Conveyor Oven will help you maximize your revenue from cooking more food items that your customer loves and serve them in a shorter time at safer internal temperatures.

The XLT’s H-DS Version Conveyor Oven will help you maximize your revenue from cooking more food items that your customers love and serve them in a shorter time.

The Version H-DS Oven is not only about improved bake quality and higher productivity.  Since two ovens do the work of the three ovens, you will see significant cost savings, e.g. reduced initial cost, lower recurring utility costs, and lower R&M costs.

Better ergonomics of double-stack oven crucially help you with your employees’ safety and morale.  Taller employees do not have to bend over to pull pizzas off the bottom oven of a triple stack, or shorter employees don’t have to reach over their heads to use the top oven.  Better ergonomics equals a safer environment.

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

  • High-Quality Parts

More Features that Benefit You:

  • Ventilation system to enhance efficiency and kitchen environment for selected oven models
  • Burner designed with minimal components to prevent frequent failures and repair complications
  • Easy access to components to avoid complicated repair and maintenance
  • Easy access to oven interior for effortless cleaning
  • Pre-piped fire suppression plumbing is available to reduce the cost of installation, for the better ergonomics, and for the easier cleaning
  • Optional Pre-piped fire suppression plumbing installed by XLT has one nozzle per side per oven (ANSUL approved) for you to access oven interior for cleaning or remove crumb tray easier
  • Patented extended front panel available in 1,825 colors to enhance your kitchen appearance
  • Etched inner and outer fingers for you to identify the correct finger arrangement for your bake
  • Magnetic sandwich door for you to open and close easier
  • No tools needed to remove the sandwich door for easy cleaning or quick replacement
  • Sediment trap installed to prevent sediment in the gas piping from getting into the gas valve or burner area of equipment and fouling things up
  • Patented split-belt conversion kit available for your menu versatility
  • Bi-directional conveyor belt to match your kitchen footprint and for your efficiency
  • Finger cleaning tools available for safer and quicker cleaning

Conveyor Width

32in (813mm)

Bake Chamber Length

50in (1270mm)

Weight Per Deck

971 lbs (441 kg)

Heating Values


BTU per Hour: 140,000


Natural:   42.09 Kw/Hr – 151.52 Mj/Hr

Propane: 39.84 Kw/Hr – 143.42 Mj/Hr

Butane:    44.54 Kw/Hr

Electrical Requirements


  • 120 VAC, 4.8 Amps, 50/60 Hz


  • 220/230/240 VAC Option, 3 Amps, 50/60 Hz

Inlet Pressure Range

Manifold Pressure Range

Natural Gas

  • W/C: 6-14
  • mbar: 15-35
  • kPa: 1.50-3.50

Propane Gas

  • W/C: 11.5-14
  • mbar: 27.5-35
  • kPa: 2.75-3.50

Natural Gas

  • W/C: 3.5
  • mbar: 8.75
  • kPa: 0.875

Propane Gas

  • W/C: 10
  • mbar: 25
  • kPa: 2.50

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