Why Buy XLT?

XLT believes in the quality of our ovens and the warranty we carry is proof.

Here is what our customers are saying:

XLT Ovens are the lowest maintenance piece of equipment in my stores.

Jim S.

Restaurant Owner

I love the XLT Hood.  I am impressed with the energy savings, nice cool & quieter kitchen, no longer using an MUA.

William G.

Restaurant Owner

You’re not in Kansas anymore. With an XLT oven, you’re on another planet. After an exhaustive search, I am so grateful for finding XLT and their solid team of customer centric professionals. My XLT 3240 is an engineering gem complete with stainless steel found on a Delorean. If there is something that has been better engineered than an XLT oven it’s most likely hanging in the Air & Space Museum.

Michael Bozzelli


The design of the XLT Oven is great.  I love how quiet they are and the 7 Year warranty.


Pizzeria Owner

Great warranty and more than one service provider to take care of me, should I need service.


Restaurant Owner

XLT Oven and Hood combination are great for warm climates to keep the kitchen cooler and quieter.

Jim S.

Restaurant Owner

I love the equipment and still can’t believe they come with a 7 year warranty on the ovens.


Pizzeria Owner

It should be a sin and illegal to buy XLT Ovens without the Hood.


Restaurant Owner

Love the ovens and hood system.  I’ve had no issues with them.


Restaurant Owner

We love our XLT Oven.  It turns out 100s of perfectly cooked pizzas everyday!  Thank you XLT for making an awesome product.

David T.

Pizzeria Owner

I am comfortable recommending the hood. We have not quantified the electrical utility savings, but they have to be significant. The new store is quiet and very comfortable. It is a better working environment for all of us. We do not have an Aaon unit and are operating just fine.  I would recommend this approach to anyone putting in a new oven or building a new store.

Bill C.

Restaurant Owner

As a single location operator I was convinced that old school deck ovens were the only way to go. Working with XLT not only convinced me there was a better way, but helped me make a great product even better. The customer response was so strong that I was forced to buy a second XLT oven 5 weeks after the original purchase.

Michael Wessing

Pigskin Pub and Pizza


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